The Vegan Outlet

The online marketplace to buy Vegan products.
We bring community to Vegan across the world, with the ability to buy and sell vegan products on our platform. We are proud to be a Vegan only marketplace with the mission to create planet that is healthier, sustainable and cruelty free. 
For The Planet

Cleaner Air

Cleaner Waterways


Safe & Biodegradable Products

For The People

Creating Community

Fair Trading

Economic Balance

Compassion & Hope

For The Animals

Cruelty Free Products

Protecting Wildlife

Welfare For Pets

Responsible Harvesting

In the beginning…

The Vegan Outlet was founded in December 2015 in Kent, United Kingdom by long-term Vegan, Ashley James. When Ashley first decided to adopt the Vegan lifestyle there was not much choice of Vegan products available in his town and recipes for food were usually unsuccessful. Time had progressed and new Vegan companies had started to pop-up however there was no dedicated place to buying all of his favourite products in one place, and so The Vegan Outlet was born. 

With the knowledge Ashley had with business and computer design he gathered all of his skills and developed the very first “open” Vegan marketplace, where new, small and large vegan businesses could sell their Vegan products on The Vegan Outlet. He started to understand from what he learnt that the world needed to change for the better, and quickly.

It is important to know that your money is used to vote on what you want to see in the world, by joining the Vegan lifestyle and supporting Vegan companies you begin to create a healthier, cleaner, environmentally-friendly & sustainable planet and in the process you help eliminate animal cruelty – a Real superhero.