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Privacy Policy


The Vegan Outlet considers privacy as its number one priority, our privacy policy ensures that you are protected during your visit to our website. We are constantly committed to improving our privacy practices with the constant demand on private data security.

These policies herein include any services provided by The Vegan Outlet, including any digital services such as our official website “” and official “mobile apps”. This policy only applies to official services provided by our website and mobile apps. We are not responsible for any third party related products and services.

By visiting our website or by using our mobile apps you consent us to collect and use data about you and your experience with us. All of the data collected is collected securely and is never traded or sold to any third parties.

The Vegan Outlet requires all registered account holders to be aged at least 18 years old or to have the supervision of a fully responsible parent or guardian over the age of 18 who consents to the use of The Vegan Outlet and its services. The Vegan Outlet does not take responsibility for actions undertaken by those under the age of 18.


Data Received or Collected

To register as a member with The Vegan Outlet you will have to provide us with a valid name and email address, once your registration has been completed we may need to collect further data, for example, your address, contact telephone number and payment details.

The username that you choose to assign to your account will be permanent and not be made public unless you wish to leave a comment or review on products or services. Our competent administrators will have access to your account data including your purchases, viewed products, comments and ratings. 

No account information will ever be publicly displayed on our website in the exception of the display of your username for publicly made comments unto which no one will be able to access your account data.

Our administrators have the right to modify your profile, this includes changes requested by yourself or by changes that are required by our administrators to further the security and quality of our services. Our administrators have the right to check and confirm details about your account in order to confirm your legitimacy.

The Vegan Outlet uses technologies such as Cookies to collect information about how you interact with our website in order to further improve the experience with us.


Data collected about you and your experience with us is always used in an ethical manner, for example, we send all our account holder’s emails with marketing information about new products or products we think you will like, this is a service that is automatically opted in during sign up and may also be disabled in your account settings.

At times we may use information about products that you have interest in or have previously purchased in order to further build and improve our growing product database. 

We automatically collect and store information from your web browser or mobile device such as your IP address, unique device identifier, cookies and browsing habits. This data along with any other data we may collect about you is primarily collected to prevent fraudulent activity and to improve the security for our website however this data is also used in conjunction with the continuous improvement of our services and browsing experience. 

When using official The Vegan Outlet apps on mobile devices (depending on your device settings) we may also collect geo-location data in order to provide you with location based services and for the expansion and improvement of our services. If you would no longer wish to share your location data with The Vegan Outlet then please refer to the Location Services settings on your device. Our website and apps may also ask for permission to access your camera in the event you need to upload photos to The Vegan Outlet. 

If you choose to connect to an external third party application such as Facebook, The Vegan Outlet may also receive data about you from these third party applications such as your email address and may also request to share marketing information via email marketing or via the third party app, however you must first grant us access to this upon connecting to the third parties.

The Vegan Outlet may also send you messages to your inbox on our website, email or to our mobile apps using push notifications. These messages can include recent purchases, product marketing, service related messages and account activity messages. For further information about how to control what messages you receive please visit the Message Settings located  in our Knowledge Base

When making a purchase with The Vegan Outlet, we will provide the vendor with your personal details required to fulfil the order including your name, address, contact information and delivery notes. This information will also be required by Paypal for payment processing however The Vegan Outlet does not take responsibility for any further information shared with vendors or third parties via Paypal.

In the event of a third party requiring further personal information to defend or establish a legal claim or by a court order we may need to disclose your information however this will only be released if deemed that the claim is legitimate as it is necessary to comply with national and international law.

We have the right to disclose all account activity, IP addresses and any information further required by a recognised legal body. For further information on how to request information about one of our members or vendors you may do so on our Knowledge Base. 

In the event that any significant business asset change such as a merger, liquidation, sale or transfer of assets then The Vegan Outlet will notify all of its members via inbox message, email, app notification or by an official notice placed on the home page of our website. This notification will be sent prior to any final deal to give chance to opt out of any potential future policy change. 


Your Choice

The Vegan Outlet does not currently respond to non-tracking browser headers, however you have the right to opt out of third party behavioural adverts that may be displayed through our website by visiting this website: 

As a registered member of The Vegan Outlet, all of your personal information including your password can be modified in your account settings however, your username will be permanent.

Visitors who are not registered members or vendors may provide us with their email address when interested in our email marketing, any non-member may unsubscribe at any time by following instructions contained in footer of any email sent by us or by referring to our Knowledge Base.   If you have a discrepancy regarding misuse or abuse of your data by one of our vendors you may get in touch by clicking here

In the event that you no longer wish to use The Vegan Outlet and its services then you may close your account, for further information on how to do this please click here

TRUSTe Privacy Seal

The Vegan Outlet is proud to be awarded the TRUSTe Privacy Seal, the TRUSTe privacy seal is an electronic program that covers all information that passes through our website and apps.


In order to become a vendor with The Vegan Outlet it is required that further information about you and your business is stored with us, including multiple contact methods, photographic identification, date of birth, tax information & company number (if applicable). Vendor’s private data will not be displayed publically on our website or apps and will not be shared to any third party. These measures are in affect to comply with national and international law.

Vendors must have a valid and verified Paypal account in order to receive commission payments and your Paypal details must align with your personal details such as name and address.  Vendors may be contacted regarding their interest in other services including extra marketing for better exposure of their products.

All products submitted to The Vegan Outlet have to be reviewed, processed and passed/rejected by our administrators, in the circumstance that insufficient details have been provided, The Vegan Outlet has the right to contact you as a Vendor for further details.

In the event that, as a Vendor, you abuse or misuse customers data or our services our administrators have the right to immediately withdraw your products from our website pending further investigation. Further information about our Vendor Policy can be found on the Knowledge base. 

All vendors automatically accept the ultimate respect and privacy for their customer’s personal details that will be provided upon a sale, these details will include the customer’s order, name, address and order notes that will be processed through Paypal.

The Vegan Outlet is not responsible for the collection and use of any personal data shared via Paypal and that if any discrepancy arises regarding the misuse of customer’s data, we have the right to provide customers with the particular vendors full contact information.



The Vegan Outlet will retain your information for as long as it is deemed to be required for the purposes in this policy. We retain your data to comply with our obligation to national and international law, to resolve disputes and to reinforce our policies.

If you wish to update or delete any personal data you may request this through our Knowledge base.

Safe & Secure

At The Vegan Outlet we provide excellent SSL (Secure socket layer) security technology and an array of policy’s to enforce a pleasant, safe and secure experience with us. Your data is as important to us as it is to yourselves. If you are in any doubt about releasing your personal information to us or third parties you may contact us through our Knowledge Base.

It is important to keep your account information including your username and password safe to prevent misuse of your account. The Vegan Outlet requires its members to choose a complex password to further aid in protecting their personal data.

Although we always strive to constantly protect your data, unfortunately no transaction made via the internet is ever 100% secure and therefore we cannot take full responsibility for the loss or misuse of any data supplied to us.



It may be necessary to update this policy for the betterment of security and overall experience, if the changes proposed affect your experience with us we will inform you via email, inbox message or website notification. If you are unhappy with the changes proposed you will have the chance to contact us or close your account through the Knowledge Base

Policy Last Updated: 29/12/2015