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Thank you for your interest in our Terms of Use, in order for everyone to have the best possible experience here at The Vegan Outlet,please follow our rules.


Our terms of use policy is a legally binding contract between you and The Vegan Outlet, this implies to any country that you may reside in, however this contract does not mean it is creating an agency, partnership,joint venture, employment or franchise between you and The Vegan Outlet.

This contract outlines both of our rights and responsibilities when visiting and using our website and services or any other property belonging to The Vegan Outlet including mobile apps or services trading under our brand name “The Vegan Outlet”. The terms “Platform” and “Marketplace”are phrases used to describe our services in the correct context.

By proceeding to use any of our services you agree to our Terms of Use and all policies associated with it. If for any reason you do not agree with our policies then please Click Here to exit.


It’s important to know that, when using our services you feel safe to do so. You can find out more information about how our Privacy Policy collects and uses your data by clicking here.


If your just browsing with us then it is not necessary to have register an account with us however if you wish to purchase from one of our vendors then you will need to create an account.  Here are our rules when creating an account with us:

1.      You must be at least 18 years old to create an account, if you are younger please consult either a parent or guardian aged at least 18 years old to create an account in their name.

2.      It is vital to provide us with legitimate details upon singing up, this will help you out in the long run. It is not acceptable to impersonate another person’s details, fraudulent accounts will be deleted by our administrators.

3.      If you publicly chose to leave comments or reviews, your username will be automatically displayed so please create a respectable one.

4.      Be responsible of your data, do not let others use your account unwillingly as this may get you in to trouble down the line. Only you as the account holder will be held responsible for any unlawful activity carried out from your account.

5.      Choose a password that is complex, yet still memorable. The best practice to stay safe online is by protecting yourself, so don’t share your password with anyone else.

Click Here to register an account with The Vegan Outlet or, if you are having trouble creating one you can visit our Knowledge Base.


Any content that you provide including your username, comments, reviews and media is all classified as your content. The Vegan Outlet is not responsible for any content that you create, however if The Vegan Outlet believes your content to be derogative and imposes a danger to a positive experience for all who use our services then The Vegan Outlet has the right to remove this content or take the correct action it deems lawful to the content provided.

By creating content on our platform you grant us an exclusive, royalty-free, irrevocable, sub-licensable, perpetual license to use,edit, display reproduce, distribute and store this content in the venture for the continuous improvement of our services and in such a way as promoting our website and services to third parties, however we do not intend to use your content in any derogative way.

Vendors who provide content for our platform agree that all their content and claims are legitimate, from time to time it may be required for The Vegan Outlet to modify content supplied by vendors in a way that it does not harm the viewing experience leading to a result in resizing images and improving content layout. Content that The Vegan Outlet considers to be outstanding may be posted on our home page or used in further marketing both our services and vendor’s products.

We don’t take kindly to the misuse of intellectual property tha tdoes not belong to you or your business and we have the right to accept complaints from those who report your content to be breaking international intellectual rights and may lead us to creating a follow up investigation that can have your content removed following an infringement of law.

As a viewer, account holder or vendor of our services you agree to not create content that is misleading, abusive, threatening,defamatory, obscene, offensive or vulgar. Content of this type is not tolerated and will subsequently be removed. Misuse of this policy could lead to further investigation and potentially be passed to the law in your jurisdiction.


The Vegan Outlet grants you a limited, non-exclusive,non-transferable and revocable license to use our services, including our website and mobile apps.

You agree to not violate any laws in connection with your use of our services and this includes the national or international law covered by your jurisdiction, for example you are responsible for all the requirements to buy or sell legally, you are responsible for your own insurances, taxes and licences that may be required in order to buy or sell products nationally or internationally.

The Vegan Outlet has the right to ask for any specific documents it may require in order for your business to sell as a vendor on our platform, however The Vegan Outlet will not be held responsible for any unlawful action created by its viewers, account holders or vendors.

Do not commit fraud, theft or any other crimes against The Vegan Outlet including reverse engineering or by trying to obtain any source code from any of our services. Do not try to disrupt our services by hacking and distributing a virus or by performing any other harmful methods that will prevent the full operation of The Vegan Outlet.

The name “The Vegan Outlet” is a trademark, this includes The Vegan Outlet logo and any phrases created by us in association of our services. Interested in using our trademarks? You can find all the relevant information in our Trademark Policy.

Ideas submitted to The Vegan Outlet are considered as non-confidential and non-proprietary to you. You grant The Vegan Outlet anon-exclusive, worldwide, royalty free, irrevocable, sub-licensable, perpetual license to use and publish your ideas without any compensation to you.

You agree that your electronic signature is legitimate and is classified as the same as a physically written signature.


Watching you go is the last thing on our mind, but we understand we all have our differences and that may mean you wish to delete your account with The Vegan Outlet. This is possible in your account settings however if you require any assistance on doing so you can visit our Knowledge Base.

We have the right to view, alter or even delete your account and revoke you access to any of our services at any given time, without notice.In the event that this happens it would have come from breaching any of our policies. You do not have any contractual right for any further use of our services. The Vegan Outlet has the right to refuse anyone service at any time.

In the event that you or The Vegan Outlet terminates your account, it is possible that you could lose some or all of the data and content that you created on our platform which may be unrecoverable.

Should you disagree with us terminating your account or you believe your account was terminated by mistake, you may file an appeal by following the instructions in our Knowledge Base.

Liability & Warranty

The Vegan Outlet does not manufacture, store or control the quality any of the items sold on our platform. Our platform acts as a service for vendors to sell their items in an open marketplace where the vendor holds all responsibility, liability and warranty for its products and services.

We are unable to verify or claim the actual quality, safety or legality of any items sold on our platform. If you are in pursuit to file a legal claim then this must be filed against the vendor from which the item was purchased from. We are obliged to provide contact information from the vendor to you in case this situation arises.

You accept that The Vegan Outlet does not take any responsibility in the event that any of the products or services sold on this platform are misrepresented, defective or have caused you any harm.

The Vegan Outlet contains links to Third Party products and services which we do not own or control, therefore we do not accept any liability from the use of third parties including your acceptance of their own terms of use.

The Vegan Outlet identifies itself as following a path of continuous improvement, there may be occasions where part or full services of operation are effective. We do not provide any warranties of titles, non-infringement,merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose including any warranties implied a course of performance, course of dealing or a usage of trade.

We do not guarantee that our services are completely secure and that their availability be made at any given time or location. We do not guarantee that any errors of service implied will be corrected and that our services are free from any viruses or potentially harmful materials. Our services are agreed to be used and taken from “as-is” and you solely agree to use our services at your own risk.

The Vegan Outlet, including its directors, employees and representatives may not be held liable for any loss of revenue, profits or any consequential,incidental, indirect, special or punitive damages that may arise in connection with our services, including our policies.

In the event that a case of indemnification arises against The Vegan Outlet due to your misuse or abuse of our services, our policies or breakage of any international law, you agree to defend The Vegan Outlet and any of its directors, employees or representatives and hold us as harmless on any legal claim or demand arisen from your actions.

We reserve our right to handle our legal defence in however or whatever way we see fit which includes that you cooperate with us in the circumstance that you indemnify us.


As laid out in these terms of use, any disputes with any purchases or products sold on The Vegan Outlet must be dealt with the vendor directly, for more information about making a dispute against one of the vendors on our platform then please visit our Knowledge Base.

In the circumstance that you may have a dispute about The Vegan Outlet then we will do our utmost to assist and help resolve your issue,however if we cannot do so then we continue to follow the rules of the law.

You agree that any dispute not resolved by you and The Vegan Outlet will be passed on and resolved by arbitration using English as the dominant language. Arbitration will be justified by a unprejudiced private body following the rules of commercial arbitration in your jurisdiction. All arbitration will be settled on an individual basis meaning class actions and arbitrations are not permitted.

You agree that you and The Vegan Outlet waiver the right to trial or to participate in class action. Both parties have the right to bring action to only a court of actual jurisdiction on the basis of injunctive, equitable and conservatory relief that pends a final decision by arbitration.

We are based in Kent, United Kingdom. Any legal action taken against us must happen in Kent and the seat of arbitration will be Kent.


We reserve the right to change our terms of use and any of our policies at any given time without advanced notice provided. When changes have been made we will notify all of our account holders and members about this using email, inbox message or app notification. This gives you the opportunity to continue or stop using our services.

You are responsible for reading and understanding our policies and any changes made. Shall you continue the use of our services without terminating your account after changes have been made then you automatically agree to adhere to the proposed changes.


All of our policies including our terms of use supersede any agreement of our services between you and The Vegan Outlet. In any circumstances our policies are found to be unenforceable then that part of policy will be limited so that our other policies remain fully effective.

Our inability to enforce any policies does not conclude as a waiver of our right to further in force any part of that policy. We hold the obligation to assign our rights under any of our policies.

Further Info

If you have any questions about our Terms of Use then please contact us through the Knowledge Base.


Last Updated:03/01/2016