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Vendor Policy

The Vegan Outlet is an open marketplace for vendors to sell Vegan only products and services direct to buyers around the world. In order to maintain a positive experience for viewers and account holders we have outlined some expectations as a vendor on The Vegan Outlet. This policy is in alignment with our Terms of Use policy and our Privacy Policy.

The term “vendor” is classified as a selling body who is a sole-trader, company, organisation or non-profit organisation. This policy is in alignment with our Terms of Use and by becoming a vendor you agree to accept all our policies.

We welcome you to The Vegan Outlet with any Vegan product that you may want to sell as we are always expanding our line of available goods, however here are the current categories we can place your products in:

Food & Drink

Health & Fitness


Home & Leisure




In order to be approved as an official vendor on The Vegan Outlet it is required that you follow our expectations.

1. All vendors must have a valid and verified Paypal account in order to sell on The Vegan Outlet and receive payments.
2. As a vendor you are responsible for your own insurances, taxes, and licenses required to legally trade nationally or internationally.
3. All vendors are expected to manufacture products that are not illegal, misrepresented, defected or cause any mental or physical harm to the manufacturers and buyers.
4. All products manufactured by you as a vendor by a third party must not use or promote the use of under age, involuntary, slave, prison or forced labour including the harm or death of animals and must comply with employment laws in the jurisdiction of the product manufacturer.
5. It is expected that all vendors endorse and continuously improve methods of manufacture to limit the impact on the environment, this includes a focus on local, ethical sourcing and on bio-degradable product and shipping materials.
6. If your product/s for sale are consumed, ingested or used topically, it is required to list all of the ingredients used and if applicable, nutritional information.
7. All products must be Vegan and display if the manufacturing process contains any traces of known allergens, The Vegan Outlet will not honour the sale of any products containing sources of animal origins.
8. As a vendor you claim full responsibility, liability and warranty on the content that you publish and accept you will be held responsible for any dispute, claim or concern and not The Vegan Outlet. We are obliged to provide the buyer with your contact information in the case of a dispute, claim or concern arising.
9. You agree to fulfil any order processed within a maximum of 28 days unless a written notice and refund has been offered to the buyer.
10. You agree to provide The Vegan Outlet with any documentation that it seeks further such as insurance documents, company registration documents, personal identification, trading licences and shipping licenses.
11. You agree to the vendor fees set out by The Vegan Outlet and you agree to never challenge or refuse to pay these fees upon doing so could lead to legal action filed against you as a sole trader, company, organisation or non-profit organisation. You agree that fees are non-refundable.
12. You agree to treat customer data provided to you through our platform with respect. You will not use their data for your advantage and you will not sell, trade or freely pass on their data to any third parties. Misuse of customer data could lead to The Vegan Outlet revoking your ability to sell on our platform and potentially informing the customer of your misuse of their data.
13. All vendors are expected to follow our Trademark Policy, for more information about this please Click Here.
14. Your product images should be clear, professional and of your own intellectual property, we only accept images we believe are acceptable for our platform and should not contain any material that is offensive, misleading, abusive, defamatory, obscene or vulgar.
15. All prices of your products must be rounded up , for instance £1.00 instead of £0.99, this is because our system is configured to accept rounded up/down prices only.
16. All prices of your products must be inclusive of TAX.

How It Works

If you are interested in becoming a vendor here at The Vegan Outlet then please Click Here to register.

When you first register with us we will check all your details are correct then we will be in touch to confirm your registration and ask for any further information if required to get you up and running.

From here on as a Vendor:

We will provide you with a login to your Vendor Portal where you can add & edit products then fill in all the required fields and submit to us for final approval before going live. Please note that this requires somebody who has experience in Woocommerce however if you get stuck we can provide you with one of our shop administrators who can help you get up and running and assist you with any issues that you encounter. 

So your product is live, what happens now?

Buyers can now purchase your products, when new products come in they go in to our Latest Products sections of the website and apps meaning you have an instant opportunity for sales. The Vegan Outlet Editors are always searching for the next Brilliant product, if we think yours is one we may feature it on our home page.

When a customer purchases one of your products they will be forwarded to pay via Paypal as this is our default payment method, once they have paid you will be notified via email from us and (depending on your settings) from Paypal too.

The Vegan Outlet automatically collects its fees upon sale of your products, meaning the final value that you receive from Paypal is your gross income from that sale.

Time to ship!


Advertising With Us


The Vegan Outlet is always looking for the next Brilliant product, if we think its worthy of our home page we will display it free of charge. We offer advertising packages for Vendors who wish to promote their products listed on our platform.

At present we do not sell advertising space for third parties, for more information about advertising with us as a Vendor please Click Here.


Our fees are automatically collected when a sale has been made so you don’t have to worry about paying our fees at a later date.  We believe our fees are affordable and transparent.

Standard transaction fee: 5%* (of total transaction value)

 No Monthly Fees

No Listing Fees

SSL Protection

Live Support

Please note that The Vegan Outlet is not responsible for any transaction fees applied from Paypal, for more information about Paypal fees please click here.

1%  of your fee will be donated to Project Reclamation, our initiative to support various charities around the world who protect the environment and help stop cruelty to animals.

*Should our fees change for any given circumstance we will inform you prior to the change, offering you the chance to accept or decline the new fee percentage.

Last Updated: 04/01/2016